Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Here Today....(May be) Gone Tomorrow

I know a lot of people have heard about the death of Reality TV star Jade Goody in the early hours of Sunday morning at the young age of 27...

It was sad hearing that this young lady had really gone.
I remember when I first heard that she was diagonised with the ugly scourge that is Cancer (Read about it here)I was like wow this lady's middle name is drama!
At the time, Jade Goody was fresh from a racial scandal in the Celebrity Big Brother House and was away in India trying to redeem her image .
One obvious thing about Jade's life was that everything seemed to happen so fast.... Infact if she were African, people would have said she probably knew she was going to live a such a short life hence her very "fast" life....

At the age of 19, she entered the Big Brother House and stood out (for being outrageously ignorant of general knowledge). Although she didn't win, she emerged the most popular housemate till date of the show.

Before we could spell JADE, she went on to be a huge success and in a blink of the eye as it were, Jade Goody became a household name: on our TV screens, on our bedside table (on her perfume bottle), on our reading table (her biography) and so on.... She was living the dream, a real grass to grace story.. Many times, she was accused of acting inappropriately, almost as if her upbringing and humble background conflicted with the level of sudden stardom and fame.....It was soo much in such a short time, perhaps she needed time adjusting...

But then again, it had to happen so fast because she wasn't going to be around for very long..... I am happy that Jade was able to achieve what many only dream about through their long lifetime. It seemed as if she was all up in our faces, but she needed to be because we wouldn't see her for too long..

I am a firm believer in that the quality of a man's life is not how long but how well...What's the point of living a 100 miserable years if you can have 40 excellent ones? We all pray for long life but we also pray for good lives.....

What's more important and what for me was the icing on her cake was that in the end she sought a relationship with God, she also went on to have her and her sons christened. It was a beautiful thing to hear...Everything would have been a waste if after all, she died without Jesus. She made the best decision ever and sealed not just her here but her after....A wise woman indeed.

So, her story has made me think, if I died now, what would be my story? Do I have a story? What am I doing to add quality to my life? Do I just live everyday as though it were fleeting? How can I improve myself?

These are questions you should ask yourself too, we may be here today but gone tomorrow..

May God help us!!

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