Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hiya blogville!

As usual, it's been ages! I haven't particularly left blogville, I have been quite present..only taking a back seat and discovering new and interesting/thought-provoking/funny/ingenious blogs..It has been a beautiful blogsperience :-) I can't remember fully all the really good ones but I would still say my lists would definately include:

Linda Ikeji
Good Nigerian Girl
Nigerian Drama Queen
Overwhelmed Nigerian Babe
Christiana Rants

(The list is not in any way exhaustive but mehn this bloggers can WRITE! They have re-inspired me to blog! The funny thing is the camaraderie thats exists in this little world known as blogville! The way they relate to each other makes it seem as if they knew each other well, yet for many of them, they are yet to have a one-on-one encounter)

For most of them, I got their info through the Naija bloggers awards... Their blogs are DEFINATELY worth a read.....
So, I have decided that by fire, by force, I must also be a nominee and eventually winner in next year's award hehe..

I thereby solemnly (try to) promise that:

- I would blog at least 3 times a week
- I would not be so obsessed about keeping my identity anonymous, thereby being free-er to talk about daily issues
- I would enjoy every bit of speaking my mind on the forum and not try to make my writing eligible for an Orange prize (that would come in due season lol)
- I would comment so frequently on other's blog that they would probably create another award category specailly for me "Commentator of the year".. and it shall even be a special recognition award.
- I would explore the wide range of "American wonder" that would enable my blog "shine and sparkle" e.g bright lights, pictures, videos, warned- you may find the blog quite addictive!

Hmmm..that's all I can think of for join me in my quest to being blogger of the year 2010! It's not gonna be easy, I mean just take a look at my fellow contender's blogs *shudders*...I'm shaking!!....but BRING IT ON!!! lol

Peace, love and cocopops (sorry Christiana *wink*)
1 + the One


  1. I'm happy that you're inspired to blog more often...that's awesome!

    Your goals are achievable and you'll be a nominee next year in Jesus name! lol

    It's possible to maintain your anonymity yet share details of your life I think...possible doesn't mean easy though!

    lol commenting will certainly serve to get you known. Most people who receive comments on their blogs will follow the commenter back to their own site and get to know them that way!

    lol YOU CAN DO IT!

    Take care and have a great week!

    (And thank you for the shout out!)

  2. Aww, really appreciate this GNG!!

    God bless hunxxxx


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