Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Oh That's Hot!

How goes it? (that's my new greeting slang-oh well, at least until I get a new and "cooler" one" lol)

You know as a young Christian I find it hard sometimes to mix Christianity and being cool! Don't get me wrong, I don't think for a second that it's boring to be a Christian but sometimes the avenue to be cool is not very "Christian". For example, today I saw an article online and I wasn't sure if it was alright to like it lol... (I did anyway, like it I mean!)

For instance, is it alright to appreciate and make comments about hot guys? Is the word hot/sexy appropriate in describing someone of the opposite sex?? Don't think I'm being extreme, picture this - you're in church, the pastor's son/daughter looks really nice and you're like "oh my, you look HOT!!" lol... On the other hand, if you were talking to your non-christian friend and you say the same it's not that bad and then you feel bad cause it's a bit hypocritical! lol...I know my imagination runs crazy sometimes!! But, I still wonder...

How do I dress up without mis-representing my belief?? You see I love short skirts, shorts.. and erhmm I don't know.... How do you proclaim your faith with punctuating most of your words and actions like "by the grace of God", "it is well" without seeming like a fanatic??
I know sometimes the answer seems pretty straight forward but in practice it's not as easy as it seema..

You know how it is when you are chatting with your friends at school/work or someone you just met and they are talking about things you have strong views about such as sex before marriage (yeah, that sensitive subject!) drinking, clubbing, abortion(trust me, it is becoming quite the norm, ask Marie Stopes!) etc etc.. It's you against like 5 to 10 people and you are like erhmmm.... lol

Just to encourage you, you are not the only one who struggles with it, even the best of us find it difficult! I mean I wanna be "cool" too, say "cool" words, act "cool", do "cool" things, lol.. I put the word cool in quotation marks cause it's quite relative. It has been quite misused over the years and the wrong things have become the new "cool" but always remember that the bible says in Romans12v2 that we should not be conformed to this world... Don't do things cause everyone is doing it, you have to draw the line sometimes and stand for what you believe in! It's hard but by the grace of God (yeah, that phrase :-) it is very possible.. Remember you are not in it alone, God would give you the grace and the strength to do it!!!

Not to say for you to completely let go and become frumpy!! NOPE! Be a pacesetter, fashion-wise and in other areas, endeavor to look gooood, I mean you have a beautiful God clothed in majesty, REPRESENT!! There are many ways to be cool without compromising!! You don't have to look or act dry to be a bona fide Christian lol..

Develop a good sense of humour, be charming, charismatic... Walk with a swagger (it's not a sin :-) Be polite and nice to people..that's cool! Learn how to dance well. Harness whatever skill you have, be it dancing, singing, poetry, rapping, comedy....anything! Explore all your potentials... Let others see you and envy you!! REPRESENT!!!

God bless xxxx

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