Wednesday, 10 September 2008

One Fine Day

How goes it? I stumbled upon this write up on someone's hi5 page, it was soo funny, I just have to share it!! (You see, I really do think about you!! :-)

It was just like any other day, the sun shone the same way it had been shining since the beginning of time, the same sound of everyday activity, the same set of people going about the same job, all around me people carried out their mundane tasks, but to me, it was not an ordinary day it was the day I had been waiting for I had longed for a day like this since like forever.

Though I have been greatly anticipating this day, I have mixed feelings about it. Don't get me wrong, I am filled with euphoria, but you know how you get like butterflies in your stomach when such a day comes. You want everything to be perfect, you want none of your plans to fall out of place, and you pray and hope for the best. Anyways, so far so good, nothing seemed out of place. I went to the dry-cleaners to pick up my outfit for tonight.

My lovely dress was ready and waiting for me hanging beautifully just behind the reception desk. I'm sure even the dry-cleaners felt proud at being giving the task to clean such gorgeous attire (it is my most outrageous expense, but worth every penny it cost)
As soon as I got home, I took my time to get ready; my friends kept calling to ask "how I felt", "what was going through my mind", "how envious they were". I only managed to get them off the phone by promising to give them the whole gist of the evening.

Finally, I was ready and good to go. I took a final look at the mirror in the foyer and had to admit to myself that I looked absolutely fabulous (even I have to say so myself).
The assigned chauffeur was waiting patiently for me by the limo, I stepped in gracefully as if I had been riding one all my life (yeah rite).

Walking into the restaurant, I had to struggle to keep my cool cause all I wanted to do at that moment was scream and jump for joy to release the tension in my body.
Then I saw him waiting patiently for me like the gentleman I had heard he was. He was signing on a tissue for a young woman and her daughter, and then he looked up and gave me one of his famous smiles that have been known to drive girls crazy.

I sauntered up to him like a model strutting her stuff on the runway (at least that's how it seemed to me). I could hear him saying "Hello, Boris Kodjoe, but please feel free to call me Boris" I smiled and said "Hi, One plus the One, feel free to call me One plus the one (like duuh!! Why I said that, I am still wondering). We both laughed and I guess that kind of broke the ice, he took my hands and was just about to say something when I heard someone call my name out loud, strangely it sounded very familiar, I thought I was just hearing things when I heard that noise again, then I opened my eyes and saw my mum shouting my name saying,
"ONE look at the time, you are still sleeping!!"

God bless xx

P.S I am soo excited/happy/, I just discovered how to attach pictures and videos!! Makes for even more exciting blogging!! hehehe... I just realised I had been getting one tiny part wrong, gosh I am soo bush, God help me! lol.

P.S2 I don't know why but I am so loving Naeto C's "Kini Big deal". Maybe just for the heck of it, I would upload the video- just to show off lol. (I would be doing that also to my previous posts so erhmm expect moreeee...yipee yayo eyyy!!

P.S3 Ok I just tried to upload the video and it's not exactly going according to plan so erhmm please I still need help with uploading videos :-(
Here's the link to the video though


  1. buhahahahahaha wat' a rude awakening

  2. Rude awakening indeed lol....
    If that happened for real, I would just go back to sleep and continue dreaming!!


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