Tuesday 18 October 2016

Where do Broken Hearts Go...

"I feel like such a fool!!

I feel disappointed. I feel hurt. I feel like I don't have sense. I feel unlovable."

Those were real words from a text I sent to a dear friend once. At the time of sending that message I was a heart-broken girl. At that point, I wasn't the confident Ayo, the 'healthy self-esteem' Ayo, the bold Ayo, the goal-getter Ayo, the positive Ayo, I was just the broken, hurt, sad little Ayo.

Many of us might be able to understand what it means to face rejection or be broken-hearted and I'm sure you know just how terrible it feels.

It's sad that one moment, one word, one decision can make you feel so unworthy, making you forget everything else that's good and just focus on that one area that isn't working... Such a bad place to be!

It's amazing how we sometimes allow the actions of one person drastically change our perception of ourselves in the twinkling of an eye. At that point, it doesn't matter who you are, what you have achieved or what God has blessed you with, it is easier to focus on being empty and perhaps not good enough.

... And that's such a BIG lie! A Big lie that you mustn't allow to sink in or be established in your heart and mind. You see, the devil plays tricks with our minds, allowing us to wallow in a state of unworthiness to the extent that we start to believe his lies and make the truth of God concerning us irrelevant in our lives.

We think, ruminate and allow our self-worth get rubbished by thoughts we form in our heads as a result of a bad experience.

You are not useless
You are not foolish
You are not unlovable

You are beautiful
You were created with so much love and attention to intricate detail
You have so much in you to give
You are stronger than words
You are stronger than rejection
You will survive

It's alright to hurt, it's alright to feel sad, but don't stop there, pick yourself up and if no one else is doing so, affirm yourself!

Surround yourself with people who can encourage (I thank God for I have them in abundance!) - if you don't have any, I'll be happy to be one for you! {Email below}

Immerse yourself in the word of God and let Him speak truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to you. Let His word define you, not the circumstance, not the words, not even your own thoughts.

Pray. Tell God every single thing and express yourself without holding back on how you feel. Let Him know that you need His help. Trust me, He loves you enough to respond to even the littlest or most trivial need. His heart is moved by your tears, He hates to see you suffer. Tell Jesus.

Listen to music. I would recommend songs that would uplift your spirit. Please don't waste your time listening to break-up songs, it would probably only make it worse! Be intentional with the words you feed yourself via music. Let God use music to soothe your soul. It works!

Where do broken hearts go? They go seeking for help, for reassurance, for peace... And there's no better place than in Jesus. Let Him help you.. You are worth it!

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Note to Self - Never Forget!
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Ayo. It's very important for us to constantly seek validation from God's word and remind ourselves of who we are and how he sees us.
    It's ok to be Broken, but it's important to know that our Father is able to fix us brand new. God is the manufacturer, we are the product, the word of God is our manual; the more we look at the manual (the bible), we are given instructions on how to live the best quality of Life. Our manufacturer is always willing to fix us whenever we are broken because we have a warranty for life.
    Thank you so much for this Ayo and thank you for being a support to me and to many other women. God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Olive. Indeed our God is the ultimate 'FIXER'. He is the Potter, so even when we miss it, He is able to put us back together again - with no blemish!

  2. Yes, I have gone through this cycle of self accusation also. But God is in the business of healing.

    Journey to Marriage 14 - My own kinda wedding

  3. Ayo my email address I need some encouragement. The message in this post is timely for me. I thank God for you and this blog

    1. Awww thank you Sharon. I will certainly reach out to you. Don't worry, God's got you. He will help you, give you peace and compensate you in a beautiful way in Jesus name xxxx


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