Friday 29 July 2016

Dear Daddy

My Darling Baba mi loke,

Oh sometimes Daddy, it sounds 'sweeter' praising and extoling you in my Yoruba language. It sounds so beautiful and so deep!

Indeed praising you in any of my Nigerian languages makes me enter into a deeper level of worship and praise! Thank You for giving us so many languages!! I look forward to praising You in multiple languages when we get to heaven *whoop whoop!!

Allow me to practice a little here...

Oba mi, Alade wura, Kabiyesi. Alade Ogo, Emi ni ti n je emi ni.
Alagbara giga
Kiniu eya Juda
Alewilese, Aleselewi
Ajinde at Iye
Eyin lana, Eyin loni, Eyin lola
Talaba fi o we!
Oba awon Oba, Eledumare
Oba Iyanu, Iyanu ni ise owo yin!
Ese o Jesu! Ese Oluwa, Ese O Oba to soro mi dayo
Orisun Ayo mi, Orisun Ife mi, Orisun aiye mi!
Mo gbe yin ga!!

Oh Lord I could sing of Your love forever!
Agunechemba 1
Okorobia dinma!
Malite na gugu
Chukwu, Chineke, Igwe!

What an Awesome God You are!

You are beautiful beyond description, my God who's indescribable!
Victorious God, merciful King!
King of Glory, Awesome Wonder

Thank You for loving me Daddy.


Always and always,
One xxxx

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