Saturday, 5 February 2011

Random Thoughts/Random Questions/Feel Very Free to Answer Any!

.. So how do you know when a guy is feeling your 'steez'

.. So what happens when it seems like the guy is holding back?

.. So how do you ask a question like 'dude what's the deal?' without seeming desperate?

.. So how much of my emotion am I allowed to express without him expressing?

.. So who made that stupid unwritten law that the guy has to make the first move?

.. So why is the ball in his court?

.. So is that a good or bad sign?

.. So what happens if your babe's friend is making a pass at you?

.. So why do other people's relationships make a single individual feel that much lonel(ier)?

.. So how do you handle unwanted attention/attraction from a good person/friend without hurting them?

.. So why do 'Aristos' always have money?

.. So how many times have I blogged this year?

.. So is this an excuse of a blog post? (hehe)

.. So I love 'random blogging'.. very therapeutic if you asked me.

.. So I'm out!

Peace, Love and 'good' randomness xx


  1. Lol this ur excuse for blogging. You asked some really good questions though. I guess that is the mystery of life. They are somethings we may never know.


  2. I hope someone can tell us the answer to "... So how do you ask a question like 'dude what's the deal?' without seeming desperate?"

    Still expecting a blog post from you :-)

  3. @BSNC, mysteries of life indeed.. Hopefully some would get answers :-)
    @Rita, Congratulations on your new blog, I am excitedly awaiting the new journey! Well done, more grease indeed!

    As for the "What's the deal", it would be very much appreciated if someone could say a good way to make it sound 'normal' lol

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  5. I totally agree- excuse to blog lol!

    I like that it's the guy's role to make the first move oh, i can't lie lol! I don't want all that pressure, for real! The emotion question is a hard one, and i've wondered myself! I don't think the ball is always in his court- it takes two. A lady can easily push a guy to ask her out, but i believe that you've got to ask a plain 'dude, what's the deal?' so everyone is clear about where they stand

  6. Thanks for stopping by Corner Shop and welcome to my blog!
    I agree with you, I'm at a point where I am more than ready to ask the dude, 'What;s the deal bruv?!' :-D
    If I ever do, I hope to be able to blog about it! xx

  7. When tryna ask 'what's the deal' without seeming desperate, its more about the appearance, than the words.
    You sit the dude down, sit across from him, look in his eyes and ask: 'So where is this relationship headed?"


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