Friday, 1 August 2014

Dear Daddy - O'funlola Boluwakole

Dear Daddy,

I have many things and too many reasons to thank You for. When I consider how much You have done for me, I cannot thank You enough.

Daddy, You know how You make me feel. How I feel when I'm short of words to express my love. You know how I enjoy dancing with no music just because I am short of words to say exactly how I feel. I never really have been good with words anyway, so I dance to You to express my affection for You.

I have tried everything else, I have done and undone but nothing is as sweet as You. Even when I am unfaithful, You love me still. You are the perfect lover anyone can ever ask for. When You scold or correct me I know it is because You love me so much. Even Your word says You correct those You love.

So when You are silent, I get really worried because at that time I feel like Your love is dwindling (though I know that is impossible). You matter to me more than anything or anyone else in the world. I always itch to hear from You and love it when You speak. You fill me with joy and gladness.

Thank You for blessing me with a beautiful family, they are the best in the world; even with all our intricacies and differences. Thank you for my lovely daughter too. I look at her and I wonder why You ever thought to give me such a beauty as a child. But it is to me a proof of Your love and most importantly, Your mercy.

I learn a lot about You from my relationship with her. Been a single mom can be very tasking and demanding most times, but her smile always light up my world. And I know You love me as much and even more. Always watching me so I don't fall. And when I do, You lovingly tend my wounds and wipe my tears.

Thank You for being my number 1 and my all-in-all. You are the best Lover I could ever have. I love You with all my heart. I cannot even love You to the moon and back because You are farther than the moon. :-D

Your baby boo,

Funmi B.


  1. yes, stirring is the word.

    I liked this

  2. great is our God? Thanks for sharing, I always yearn for God's love

  3. God is awesome, God is Love
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks everyone. God bless Funmi xx

  5. Are random people (like moi) allowed to write?

  6. I would love to feature your letter Berry *wide grin*!!!! xx

  7. Thanks everyone. And thank you One for the encouragement, though it took me a while to get this written :-D. God bless you too. xx

  8. Wow...God's love is just amazing... Can people like me write too?

  9. @Funmi, God bless you sis. Thank you for being a blessing xx
    @Mobolaji, yes please! I would be delighted to publish your Dear Daddy letter. Thanks a lot dear. Ps hope your mum had a great birthday xx


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