Monday, 14 January 2013

On Men and Virginity

This post is inspired by one done my one of my favourite bloggers MyneWhitman HERE..

I would love to marry a virgin! Yup, I said it..

I never really put it into consideration when I thought and prayed about the kind of guy I would like to marry but this changed recently..

Usually, pre-marital sex and virginity is discussed mainly with reference to girls and it wasn't considered very 'top-of-the-list' with guys for a variety of reasons.

After my last relationship, I decided that if possible I would want to marry a virgin.. And I am praying about it.

You see, my ex-boyfriend was or is a virgin and honestly, it changed my perspective on a lot of things:

1. I have to admit that I was really impressed and very proud to be with him.
2. It made me understand that irrespective of gender, when a man loves God he can make a commitment and stick with it.
3. I was able to trust him more, knowing that I knew it wouldn't be so easy to sleep around (well, if he had waited that long, I didn't think being with me would push him over the edge to have a sudden change of mind lol)
4. It made me respect his relationship with God.
5. I felt that I would feel more secure if we had gotten married knowing that his love and respect for God would make him not do certain things
6. It made him more willing to respect my decision to wait until marriage before sex.
7. I was glad that had we gotten married, I wouldn't feel like he was comparing me with any other woman. (and mehn, I can have insecurity issues! Oh Lawd!)

I have to say that I don't think by any means that being with or marrying a virgin eliminates issues in relationships / marriages.. Nah! You would still have to work at it.

Most importantly, a successful relationship / marriage takes the GRACE of God!

... My choice is a personal preference, so help me God!


  1. I agree with some of your points, not all but you summed it up for me in the last paragraph. May God grant you your prayers and wishes.

    And thanks for the linkup and the love :)

  2. Amen!

    Thanks a lot for your consistent support and encouragement MW..... You inspire :-)

    I knew the views expressed in the full post wouldn't be agreeable with everyone which is quite interesting lol... a little 'controversy' hehe iKid
    God bless you xx

  3. Wow that is a first i haven't heard any girl saying they want to marry a virgin. From your explanation i know where you are coming from.

    I personally think anyone can be committed to God when they are a virgin or not, but its your personal preference what do i know lol.

    All the best girl. May God answer your special prayers ;)

  4. watched this video ryt now...thought of dis

  5. Definitely feeling this post...

    One more point you learn love making together...

    God will grant you your heart desire...I know cuz he granted me mine :)

  6. @aloted Amen!
    That's wonderful to know.. Thanks for the encouragement xx
    @sayedero just watched the video! I so agree with 'DO NOT SETTLE' Thanks so much for sharing.. Definitely recommended.
    @BSNC thanks hun! So good to have you visit :-) xxxx

  7. WOW. Sis, you know...I have always wanted a guy that is higher in his spiritually because I want a guy that would inspire me to get closer to God not a guy I'd be dragging to church...however..I never thought about him having always been like that...I'd always accepted the fact that practically no man is a virgin but THANK YOU for reminding me that God is more than able to provide & we should no undermine what God can do.
    Btw, I am LOVING your blog! God bless you richly


  8. Awww thanks a lot Funbi! *kisses*.. And I totally agree with you, we should never underestimate God!!


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